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  We have all heard it: these are 1)supposedly the best years of our lives.
  But are these years really the best years we will ever live? Or will we look back on these years with a sense of regret?
  The best way to 2)ensure we graduate high school regretfree is to step outside the bubble we live in and to step outside of the classrooms we are trapped in. Gaining a sense of the greater picture―of how these years 3)affect our future―will ground us in the decisions we make during these years. When we graduate, what will we wish we had done differently?
  When we base our thinking on this idea, suddenly our understanding will be a little bit better. But more than that, we will ensure that we can look back with a 4)positive feeling.
  Of course, it is always difficult to be completely regretfree just by thinking about what we will regret in the future. Fortunately, here is a list of how to prevent some of the most 5)common regrets:
  Listen to the6 cliche advice of joining clubs ...but do not join too many.
  High school is all about 7)absorbing every 8)opportunity you have. Join clubs. Be 9)involved. Be proud of the school you attend. Take a stand against 10)injustice, learn new things, and meet new people.
  But do not 11)go overboard. If you are in every single club your school offers―or close to that―you will never find what you are really 12)passionate about.
  Get to know every single person in your class. Do not set limits on Who You can be friends with ,and do not13 judge people.
  I 14)guarantee one of your biggest regrets could be going to a class reunion, speaking with someone, and thinking to yourself, “Who are they?” (even after they have 15)introduced themselves). Sure, there are a ton of people in high school. But each person has a 16)unique story and 17)personality that is worth getting to know. It is impossible to know who you could end up being friends with, so do not take the risk of missing out on a great friendship. Get to know everyone.
  Get to know your teachers.
  Teachers would not come to school unless they wanted to teach you and help you. So no matter how crazy they may seem, get to know them. They will teach you more than you could ever expect. And if you think you will never regret not getting to know your teachers, wait until you are a 18)senior and can’t find a teacher to write you a good letter of 19)recommendation for college.   Have fun, but not too much fun. stay true toyourself.
  You will probably regret spending every Friday night at home alone (unless that’s just your personality), so go out there and have some fun. But don’t have too much fun, and you don’t have to 20)engage in 21)illegal activities to have fun either. And do not think about how you will regret your decision to not drink or 22)partake in other illegal activities―because you will not. Stay true to who you are and the 23)ideals you live by. Do not change who you are just for the 24)approval of others.
  If you want to be the high school superstar that has a perfect 25)academic record, is the star of the sport’s team, has the greatest social life, and is 26)president of 27)student council―you are not going to get any sleep. And in return, you will probably not have much fun either. It is impossible to do everything and be perfect at everything and get sleep at the same time. Choose what is most important to you, and do not stress out about everything else. Make sure your academics are most important, but do not go overboard. Maintain a proper balance. If you are getting less than six hours of sleep, you need to realize that you are going to regret being tired every day of your life more than you will regret getting a 95 instead of a 100 on a test.
  Go to school events.
  Do not miss out on Friday night football games. Don’t forget to 28)hang out with your friends. And don’t get too caught up in the stress of high school to forget that this is your chance to get involved―and the chance to make these the greatest years of your life.
  我保证,你最有可能感到遗憾的事之一是去参加同学聚会时与人聊天,心里却在犯嘀咕:“他们到底是谁呀?”(即便他们已经作了自我介绍)。当然,高中本来就有一大堆人,但是每个人都有值得你去了解的独特故事和个性。你不可能知道你最终会和谁成为朋友,所以,不要冒错过一段美好友谊这个险哦。去认识每一个人吧。   去认识你的老师。
  1) supposedly [sE5pEJzIdlI] ad. 据推测,大概
  2) ensure [In5FJE] v. 确保
  3) affect [E5fekt] v. 影响
  4) positive [5p?zItIv] a. 积极的
  5) common [5k?mEn] a. 常见的
  6) cliché [5kli:FeI] a. 陈词滥调的
  7) absorb [Eb5sC:b] v. 吸收
  8) opportunity [?pE5tju:nItI] n. 机会
  9) involve [In5v?lv] v. 使参与
  10) injustice [In5dVQstIs] n. 不公正
  11) go overboard 过分追求,爱走极端
  12) passionate [5pAFEnEt] a. 热情的
  13) judge [dVQdV] v. 下判断,作评价
  14) guarantee [^ArEn5ti:] v. 保证,担保
  15) introduce [IntrE5dju:s] v. 介绍
  16) unique [jJ5ni:k] a. 独特的
  17) personality [p\:sE5nAlItI] n. 个性
  18) senior [5si:nIE] n.(美国高中)四年级
  19) recommendation [rekEmen5deIFEn] n. 推荐信
  20) engage in 使从事,参加
  21) illegal [I5li:^El] a. 违法的
  22) partake [pB:5teIk] v. 共享,参与
  23) ideal [aI5dIEl] n. 理想
  24) approval [E5pru:vEl] n. 赞成,承认
  25) academic [AkE5demIk] a. 教学的,学术的
  26) president [5prezIdEnt] n. 主席
  27) student council 学生会
  28) hang out 闲逛

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