Unit 1词语专题训练
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  I. 根据句意及首字母提示,完成单词拼写。
  1. ―Its going to rain. Take an u____ with you.
  2. ―Whats in the box?
  ―It is a birthday g____ for my brother.
  3. ―What do you want to be in the f____?
  ―I want to be a teacher.
  4. ―When does your last class e____ every day?
  ―At 4:00 pm.
  5. ―I was all wet in the r____ last nigh. So I had a cold.
  ―Im sorry to hear that.
  6. ―Do you like o____ sports?
  ―Yes, I do. But I like indoor sports, too.
  7. ―Did you w____ the soccer game?
  ―Yes, we were the first.
  8. ―What does your uncle do?
  ―He d____ a bus.
  9. ―Are you busy tomorrow?
  ―No, Im not. Ill be on my first day
  10. ―If you go out tomorrow, youd better take a r____. The radio says its rainy tomorrow.
  ―OK, I will.
  II. 根据句意,从方框中选择合适的词,并用其适当形式完成下列句子。
  [visit, play, lucky, drive, win,
  invite, shark, learn, real, rain]
  1. ―How many ____ are there in a football team?
  ―There are eleven.
  2. Thousands of ____ come to visit the Great Wall in China every year.
  3. ____ Jim didnt hurt himself in the
  4. ―What does your father do?
  ―He is a ____ in a campany.
  5. ―Who is the ____ in the long jump?
  ―John, our monitor, is.
  6. ―Do you have fun ____ English?
  ―Yes, I do.
  7. ―Thanks for ____ me to your party.
  ―Im glad you can come.
  8. ―Lets go to the zoo!
  ―That sounds ____ boring.
  9. ―Are there any ____ at the aquarium?
  ―Yes, there are.
  10. ―Whats the weather like today?
  ―It is ____.
  III. 根据汉语提示完成下列句子,每空词数不限。
  1. On Sundays I like to ____(起得晚).
  2. Uncle John put some of his old things in the yard and had a ____ (庭院旧货出售).
  3. Jim likes to ____ (闲逛) with his friends in the streets.
  4. Ive got lots of famous footballers ____ (签名).
  5. The girls in our class are ____ (照相) in the park.
  6. He ____ (得了一等奖).
  7. Youll be sure to ____ (玩得高兴) at the party tonight.
  8. My father always ____ (开车兜风)with us on Sunday.
  9. I work from Tuesday to Saturday, and Sunday and Monday are my ____ (休假).
  10. He thinks of business ____ (整天).
  (Key?p. 32)

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