Talking About the Modernization of Our Nation’s Governance and Its Influence in China
作者 :  ZHU Wenhua TANG Haolin

  [a]School of Public Science and Public Administration, Southwest University, Chongqing, China.
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  Received 12 February 2014; accepted 24 May 2014
  Published online 26 June 2014
  The proposal of the modernization of our nation’s governance embodies the struggle and effort of several generations of the communist party of China people, focuses on the diligence and wisdom of millions of Chinese people, and learns the experience in dealing with practical problems from all over the world. It is also the new insights and theoretical innovation that Chinese Communist Party uses the Marxist world outlook and methodology to solve practical problems in the height of the history and the era. This new value concept of the modernization of our nation’s governance will have a significant and far-reaching influence on China and the whole world. For China, the modernization of our nation’s governance is the powerful guarantee to a powerful nation of socialist modernization. For the developing countries, there will have a great significance. For the common issues faced by humanity, it will be a new key to open people’s governance dilemma. So the future of the modernization of our nation’s governance will let the world have full expectations.
  Key words: Nation’s governance; Experience for reference; International recognition; Communist party of China people
  Zhu, W. H., & Tang, H. L. (2014). Talking About the Modernization of Our Nation’s Governance and Its Influence in China. Cross-Cultural Communication, 10(4), -0. Available from: http//
  The third plenary session of the 18 points out:
  Since thirty-five years of the third plenary session of the eleventh central committee, our party promotes the reform of economic system, political system, cultural system, social system, ecological civilization system and construction system hard with great political courage. We also continue to opening wider to the outside. There has never such a big determination, deep reform and wide influence, the achievements have attracted worldwide attention. (People’s Daily, 2013, November16).
  Based on this, the total goal to reform comprehensively and deeply is improving and developing the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, promoting the modernization of our nation’s management system and management ability. Since promoting the modernization of our nation’s management ability is putted forward, it has caused extensive concern of the international community. Experts and scholars think that this is the more mature sigh for the communist party of China’s governance. The modernization of our nation’s management is attended; the key reason lies in its endogenous power implied. Besides, it will play a bigger and more active role in the process of promoting China’s future development and improving human’s common progress.   1. THE DEFINITION OF THE CONECPT OF THE MODERNIZATION OF OUR NATION’S MANAGEMENT
  1.1 The Definition of the Modernization of Our Nation’s Management
  According to Marxist national theory, nation’s management is that “controlling, governing and serving nation’s and social affairs; ensuring national security; defending the interests of the state; safeguarding people’s rights and interests; maintaining social stability and realizing scientific development through the configuration and operation of the state”. From the use of the concept of “governance” by Chinese Communist Party in the political sense, its basic meaning refers to follow the essence of people’s autonomy, comply with people’s requirement under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party. Except these, according to science, democracy and law, it also needs to optimize the mechanism of power system and national management system, optimize the governing capacity under the new history as conditions of the socialist market economic development and social change. As a result, we can realize the harmonious development of nation and society and achieve the political stability and security.
  1.2 The Modernization of Our Nation’s Management
  The third plenary session of the eighteenth central committee puts forward clearly the concept of the modernization of our nation’s management, nation’s management is that uses the capacity of all aspects of the management of national system including all aspects of stable reform, national defense of domestic and foreign affairs, the governance of the party country army and so on. The modernization of our nation’s management mainly refers to the formation of the system of governing the country according to law. Law is greater than right and law is greater than man. This is the essential characteristics of the modernization of our nation’s management. Therefore, the focus of our next reform needs to make rights subjected to the constitutional system and the legal system, don’t let power over the constitution.
  Deng (1994) pointed out: “Our system perfects day by day, it will attract us to absorb all the progress factors from the world and make it as the best system in the world.” The socialist system needs further development and improvement, because the society produced from the old society “still have the traces of that old society in all aspects of economy, moral and spirit”(Marx and Engels anthology, 1995). If we want to eliminate these traces of the old society and realize the development of the new society themselves, we must improve and develop the system of socialist society. Playing better the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics from all fields to promote the modernization of our nation’s management, this is not only the goal of the reform, but also is this requirement to construct the powerful nation of socialist modernization.   2.1 Promoting the Party’s Leadership Decision-Making Mechanism More Mature
  Combining the universal truth of Marxism with the reality of their actual situation and solving scientifically the problems and contradictions of the reform and development, is the fundamental symbol of the mature of Marxism. The making and decision of the modernization of our nation’s management means the mature of our party’s leadership decision-making mechanism gradually. Our nation’s management is the concentrated reflection of the execution of nation’s system, and is the height of the party’s ruling ability. The concept of the modernization of our nation’s governance complies with the call of the times and practice and reflects our party’s high historical sense of mission. Our party puts forward that promoting the modernization of our nation’s management to adapt to the changing times and historical development, and to reform the system of party’s leadership decision-making mechanism, laws and regulations that don’t meet the development requirements. What’s more, we should continue to carry out innovation and improve our party’s institutions. Promoting the modernization of our nation’s management must make party’s leadership decision-making mechanism more scientific, perfect and mature, effectively promote the party’s governance to sericitization, institutionalization, standardization, programmed track , and improve the ability and level of scientific ruling, democratic ruling and governing by law constantly.
  2.2 Promoting Governance More Effective and Accurate
  The international competition in the world today is becoming fierce increasingly, having a sound management system and excellent management ability is the basic conditions of our nation’s orderly operation and healthy development. At the same time, it is an important guarantee of people’s life in peace and contentment, social stability and national security. Due to the change of the situation, the requirement of economic and social development, the expectation of people of all nationalities and all society, our party has put forward the goals and tasks of the capacity of our nation’s management it is to further transform government functions, promote economy more efficient, fair and sustainable. So the government’s main responsibility should strengthen the macroeconomic regulation and control science for effective governance.
  To maintain macro economy’s stability, strengthen and optimize the public services, safeguard fair competition, strengthen market regulation, maintain the market order, promote the sustainable development, promote the common prosperity and make up for market the failure. (People’s Daily, 2013, November 16).   That is d evaluating the power, returning it to the society, doing what you should do and doing it well. With the effective promotion of the modernization of our nation’s management, it will convert the superiority of the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the efficiency of governance, and guarantee the systematic, integrated and collaborative reform in all areas of reform. This reflects the essence and requirement of contemporary China’s development. It is the important symbol of history that our country’s reform and the ability of our nation’s management enter into a new phase of development and reach a new height. Although less government to promote the ability of our nation’s management, but it is better, it will further improve the accuracy and validity of the government.
  2.3 Promoting the Basic Form of the Situation of Social Organizations Participating in Social Governance
  The third plenary session of the eighteenth, the government’s responsibility is becoming clearer, government himself can’t do a lot of public affairs and also do not well, and this needs the government to streamline administration and delegate power and return power to the society. Promoting the modernization of our nation’s management will effectively reverse the unified pattern that only the government and the nation governing the social and public affairs mandatorily, and promote social work. Promoting the modernization of national management, the government needs to focus on their position, it not only plays fully to the role of the government service management society, but also does it let more social organizations, various social forces as well as individuals involving in the national governance widely for collaborative work. Promoting the modernization of national governance will transform the unidirectional and top-to-bottom pattern in the traditional management into the two-way interactive social work. When the government formulates public policy, it is not just the government’s thing. It needs to communicate, negotiate and understand with different social groups to strengthen the pertinence and effectiveness of the policy. As a result, it will form a government and social organization to provide public services for social members, govern the good situation of the state and public affairs, and coordinate social relations, resolve social contradictions together. At last, we can realize the people’s life in peace and contentment and a stable, well-organized society.   2.4 Promoting the People’s Main Role Being Played Effectively in National Governance
  “Historical activity is the cause of the people”, the key to decide historical direction is “the action of the people”(Marx and Engels corpora, 1957). In the process of promoting the modernization of national governance, we should respect the historical position of the people, and play their positive role in governance actively. But in contemporary China, due to the influence of history, the people’s positive role in governance is not played fully. When Marxist classical writers are discussing about the role of the people in history, they think that the people are the productive forces that comply with the requirements of productivity development, the prospections of transforming the old production relations, the old social systems that needs to reform and the old ideas. The people’s fundamental interests, wills and aspirations reflect the demand of social development and the direction of the historical development. Besides, people’s social practice ultimately decides the outcome of historical development. So, “people can make incredible miracles that are impossible seen from the small scale of the market’s gradualism.” (Lenin anthology, 1995) The people are the direct participants of the social practice, they are the sources that create all the spiritual wealth, all valuable literature and art, they also act as “every old midwive that gestates the new society” (Lenin anthology, 1995), “people, only the people, are the power to create the history of the world.” (Selected works of Mao Zedong, 1991) This is an irrefutable truth. Therefore, the thinking concept of the ability of the modernization of national governance will continue to inspire people’s enthusiasm, initiative and creativity in the national governance, and inspire people’s infinite potential and wisdom. In this way, it will promote the capacity of the modernization of national governance effectively.
  Since the big industry having taken human to the industrial society, the world has become an inseparable and interdependent unity. “The history means to become the history of the world.” (Marx and Engels anthology , 1995)With the demise of the national and class, human will for the first time exist and develop as the social unity, the historical development of all ethnic groups and nations will become the unity of the world history, this is the final destination of the country, this is also the trend of the world’s history eventually. However, under the condition of no existence of the classes, the social management agencies will not disappear, it still needs certain social institutions to organize and manage the society. The scientific judgment makes China’s modernization of national governance more global and significant.-   3.1 The Governance of China Will Be More Prominent in the Game of the Capitalist Countries
  After the Second World War, the establishment of the socialist system and the development of socialist society pose a challenge to capitalism, it prompts the bourgeoisie to adjust and improve the capitalist system on the basis of absorbing and summarizing the experience of the socialist society. The capitalist system and its production relations currently still have holding space for productivity. But the struggle between socialist society and capitalism will be a long term, “there is no fight, and there is no progress, this is the law of the civilization is still following today.”(Marx and Engels anthology, 1958) Science is a powerful lever of the history, and it is “the highest sense of revolutionary forces”(Marx and Engels anthology, 1963). Capitalist countries rely on their own advanced science and technology, obtain new economic and political interests to maintain their vested interests, and use modern science and technology weapons to wage war, invade other countries, as well as conquer the world. So Marx said: “the pure light of the science as if can only shine in the dark background of ignorance”(Marx and Engels anthology, 1995), it makes the science and technology as the “alien, hostility and ruling right”(Marx and Engels anthology, 1979). This fully shows the unscrupulous and the strong bullying of capitalism countries, while China has repeatedly advocated to establish a harmonious world of win-win cooperation, this is opposite that the capitalist countries advocate .With the continuous improvement of China’s international status, China’s international status is rising continuously, China’s speaking right is growing constantly and China’s new concept of governance is coming fully. All of these will win more international support for China. In the game against the capitalist countries, China represents more international justice; China will fight for more rights and interests for the countries that living under the old order for long time. China’s governance concept will go beyond capitalism, this not only because not socialist system accords to the trend of historical development, but also because does it China’s governance can solve the problems of China’s reality, at the same time can further promote the solution of the problems of the world’s common concern. That is to say, any international problem can’t be solved effectively without China’s participation. And the concept of the ability of the modernization of our nation’s governance complies with the long-term interests of the development human society.   3.2 The Governance of China Finds the New Key to Solve the Common Problems Faced Be Human
  At present, the international challenges are the most rigorous than any time, uncontrollable factors and risk factors are emerging endlessly. The problems of terrorism, international drug trafficking, environmental resources and energy, climate and regional hotpot conflict can’t be solved by any country. Only all countries in the whole world anticipated in the problems actively, can these problems that human are facing commonly be solved effectively. The correct theoretical thinking can enhance people’s ability of controlling the law, know the truth step by step, and provide powerful thinking guidance, strong spiritual motivation and intellectual support to solve the major problems in the practice. The correct theoretical thinking also makes active and excellent contributions for solving the troubles that the entire human is facing, and really improve the ability of our nation’s governance. The communist party of China must summary the past seriously, analyze the reality objectively and think about the future scientifically. Under the forces of scientific theory, looking at the world with a global vision and world vision, seeing similarity of personality, finding absoluteness from relativity, and seeking eternality from provisionality. Having actually tried to grasp the rule of development, seize the development pulse of the times and lead the progress of the social development which becomes an organic unity.
  Because of this, the concept of development of the modernization of national governance that China has putted forward looks for a new key to resolve the problems of development that human are facing together. Also because our party is good at grasping every opportunity, drawing on advantages and avoiding disadvantages, making the best use of the circumstances, China’s concept of national governance can play a constructive role in the international governance.
  3.3 The Practice of China’s Governance Will Enhance the International Community’s Understanding and Trust to China
  Marx points out that there is no gain for the proletariat to get, the literation revolution and the liberation of their own is completely consistent with the rules of the social development and the inevitable trend of human’s complete liberation. Because of this, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the communist party of China composed of advanced elements of the proletariat and the Chinese Communist Party armed by the theory of scientific socialist society, advocate that their concept of value is standing in the development height of human’s common career to look for development way for human’s future, all of these reflect the international communist spirit and the spirit of mission of the proletariat political party centrally. To the world, China has consistently stressed “the jungle is not the path of human coexistence”(The collection of the documents of the eighteenth national congress of the Communist Party of China, 2012), however the harmonious co-prosperity is the hard truth of the development of the world. This concept of development together with the responsible spirit of solving bewilderment that people are meeting commonly will be bound to get the understanding and trust of the international community. Meanwhile, these can also get the widespread praise and universal recognition from the international community. China’s governance is building on the basis of the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics, while it accords with the fundamental interests of the Chinese people; it also conforms to the good picture and dream of the people of the world. The proposition of the modernization of China’s governance reveals the social development rule of the current stage. China has gradually explored the real path to the people’s ideal society, looked for the effective way to solve the problems of social contradictions and digged out the fundamental force to promote the comprehensive development of the society, these beneficial exploration and experience for the development of human’s society will provide more choices. Promoting the concept of the modernization of our nation’s governance will also make great contributions to the development and progress for humanity society.   The total forward trend of the wheel of history is irreversible, the twists and turns experienced by the people in the development process will be compensated through enormous social progress. The brilliant future of socialist society will further attract the world’s attention. In the process of gaming against capitalism, socialism can eventually win over capitalism, not only it is because the people’s infinite hopes and good wishes for the beautiful future, but also is it because this irresistible inevitability that the productive relation must adapt to the productivity. The socialist system overcomes the private ownership of capitalist production data’s constraints to productivity, and provides broad prospects for the development of productivity; the proposition of the modernization of our nation’s governance is the most powerful evidence. In current China which has deepened the reform fully, in the process of perfecting and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, the capacity of the modernization of our nation’s governance will continuously open up the new realm of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics; it will also create the new future of the people’s society.
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