A study of College English Mobile Learning from the Perspective of Eco―linguistics
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  【Abstract】To study the nature of the impact of the mobile terminal to the college English teaching, and to make an empirical research on the construction of the multi-dimensional interactive model and the multi evaluation system.
  【Key words】Eco-linguistics; College English; Mobile learning
  I. Current situation of College English mobile Learning
  College English students foundation is irregular, assessment methods of College English is single, questions also follow the same pattern,they are unable to truly reflect the students' learning process; teaching is a very old continuation of the students listening and a teacher teaching , it is a single classroom teaching mode. These have a negative impact on the students' positive learning enthusiasm, and can not be used to test the students' ability of English application. In 2007, the Ministry of education, “College English Curriculum Teaching Requirements”, made it clear that “to establish the main position of the students in the teaching process, so that students can choose their own needs of the material toward the personalized and independent learning direction”.
  II. the Feasibility of College English Mobile Learning
  1. The Theoretical Basis: Eco-linguistics is an interdisciplinary field, which is based on the combination of ecology, linguistics and philosophy. It aims to explore language diversity and ecological diversity as well as the impact and role of language in environmental issues. Biological diversity is one of the basic characteristics of the earth, human beings should be peaceful coexistence with the surrounding biosphere, to protect the plants and animals around us. Language diversity, cultural diversity and biological diversity are the necessities of human survival .
  2.The Network Security: the vast majority of 95 college students have a smart phone with them. They have a positive attitude towards mobile learning, because the combination of text, pictures, animation, audio and audio mode is more conducive to promoting college students' learning enthusiasm. And a seamless coverage of the whole society's large wireless network environment has been formed, the Internet + era to mobile learning provides a strong network security.
  III. Enlightenment of ecological linguistics to College English mobile Learning
  1. The interactive development of College English mobile Learning
  The concept of ecological foreign language teaching considers English class as a unified dynamic variable system: teachers and students are in the development of the people and teaching activities is a conscious interaction between people, such as the relationship between teacher-student, the relationship between students and teaching materials, the relationship between teachers and students and teaching media technology, and other constraints, and it jointly create a college English teaching of green ecology.

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