Research on the Practical Experiences of Precise Poverty Alleviation through Characteristic Industries in the Liangshan Yi District
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  Abstract:Adapting measures to local conditions, and developing characteristic industries is a reliable guarantee for winning the battle against poverty. The “Guidance on Developing Characteristic Industries to Promote Precise Poverty Alleviation in Poor Areas” clearly indicates that characteristic industries should be scientifically and rationally determined in order to expand employment and income channels for poor households. The Liangshan Yi area has made full use of their unique resources to vigorously develop characteristic industries to achieve “ one township one brand”. It tries to make poverty alleviation resources the most direct and effective approach for targeting poverty alleviation, improving the self development abilities of the poor masses, and promoting rapid and sustainable economic development. As a result, this approach has become a successful example of the localization of characteristic industry practice, and provides a practical experience for current implementation of precise poverty alleviation in ethnic minority areas. By taking the development of characteristic flue cured tobacco in Huili county of Liangshan prefecture as a case study, this article conducts empirical research and a theoretical analysis of  poverty alleviation through characteristic industries in Huili, summarizes its successful experiences, analyzes its existing problems, and puts forward related ideas and countermeasures so as to provide references for the development of special cash crops under similar geographical conditions.
  Located in the southernmost part of Liangshan prefecture, Huili has abundant sunshine, a warm climate, moderate rainfall, distinct dry and wet seasons, many hilly areas, and an organic soil with high potassium content. All of these are suitable for the growth and development of high quality tobacco. During the process of poverty alleviation,  Huili officials, based on the countys special geographical environment and climate conditions, actively explored a poverty alleviation model of “special climate, special industries and special development”, guided the poverty stricken masses to develop characteristic tobacco farming by taking local conditions into considerations, turned the resources advantage into an industrial advantage, fashioned  the flue cured tobacco production into a “golden industry”, enabling the local poor people to shed their poverty, and strengthened their self development ability. This laid a foundation for Huili county to take the lead in Liangshan prefecture in realizing  poverty relief. It made Huili a successful example of poverty alleviation practices which used the strategy of developing a characteristic economy, and provided experience in developing characteristic industries to fulfill the target of poverty alleviation in Liangshan region based on its climate conditions.   Based on fieldwork, this paper summarizes Huilis experience in the development of characteristic tobacco from the following five aspects, it: 1)stimulated the internal driving force of tobacco farmers to eliminate their poverty and get rich, and stabilized tobacco production;2)strengthened and refined the management of production links, and improved the quality of tobacco leaves;3)popularized standardized production technology and enhanced the products core competitiveness;4)built brand name recognition of green and high quality tobacco, and highlighted the superiority of its effect; and 5)optimized production modes, and highlighted the a benefits of scale.
  There are five challenges in the development of characteristic flue cured tobacco production: 1)The quality control of basic tobacco fields has been weakening; 2)The scale of tobacco cultivation is decreasing year by year; 3)There is a serious shortage of in the labor force. 4)The problem of destroying  forests to plant tobacco still exists; and 5)The skills level for tobacco cultivation varies greatly.
  In targeting the problems that exist in the production of flue cured tobacco in Huili, there are five suggestions with regard to its development. They are: 1)protect the soil and improve soil fertility; 2)optimize planting areas and enhance competitive advantages; 3)improve the enthusiasm of tobacco farmers, and stabilize the population of tobacco growers; 4)forbid the destruction of forests to produce tobacco, and focus on green development; and 5)strengthen technical services and increase production benefits.
  Key Words:Huili in Liangshan; characteristic flue cured tobacco; production experience;   thoughts on development
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