A Study on the Issue of “Hollowing Out” in the Border Areasof China and Vietnam from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization Strategy
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  Abstract:The prosperity and stability of Chinas border areas are vital to the security of the these areas, as well as to the smooth construction of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative. Therefore, the rural revitalization strategy, with its mission of promoting “prosperous industry”, “ecological livability”, “good rural atmosphere”, “effective governance” and “a more affluent life ”, doubtlessly has a practical significance in bringing stability to the border areas, and making them strong.
  However,within the grand tide of urbanization, it doesn t  matter whether the obvious problem of “hollowing out” in the northeastern border areas, or a similar problem in the southwestern border areas has not yet been noticed, it is obviously paradoxical to the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in the border areas of China.  In addition, the border area between Yunnan and Guangxi, is a special area that combines the “old revolutionary base, ethnic minorities , borders , poverty and stony desertification”; is a typically thorny area for precise poverty alleviation in the border area between China and Vietnam, and, in addition there is the problem of “ hollowing out”. It has been noticed that  “hollowing out” along the border areas of China is a widespread and severe problem. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the issue of the “hollowing out” along the border between China and Vietnam within the context of the rural revitalization strategy. At the same time, within the concern of “seeing the large from the small” , we can  also systematically examine the “hollowing out” problem not only along the border areas of China and Vietnam, but even along the overall border areas of China. Doing this is not only a pre assessment and examination during the process of promoting the rural revitalization strategy, but it is also an objective reflection and response to the paradox that exists  in these special areas. It is conducive to the active promotion of the rural revitalization strategy in Chinas border areas, and finally realizes the mission of making the border areas stable and strong.
  After the CPC 19th National Congress Report proposed the “rural revitalization strategy” in October 2017, the rural revitalization strategy has become a hot topic concerned by people from different circles. At the same time, in recent years, the related issue of “hollowing out” and the urbanization of rural areas   has also become a great concern  in academic circles.  Although there have been several academic articles focusing on the negative impact  urbanization has had on the phenomena of  “hollowing out” in rural areas, and several dozens of academic papers  have focused on the urbanization of the China Vietnam border region, concern about the phenomena of “hollowing out” along the China Vietnam border region is still weak, and it deserves in depth attention and systematic investigation. However, it is undeniable that my long term field investigation and observation has shown that the “hollowing out” phenomenon in the border area between China Vietnam, whether it is due to people s rational, economic choices or caused by urbanization, does objectively exist. No matter whether we think about it from the perspective of the orderly advancement of the rural revitalization strategy in the area or from the angle of national border security, it is an objective dilemma that cannot be ignored. Therefore, giving special attention to the issue of “hollowing out” in the Yunnan Guangxi intersection area at the border area of China and Vietnam has important academic value and practical significance. Moreover, through this specific case study of “seeing the large through the small”, we can examine the “hollowing out” problem in most   border areas of China, and can discover commonalities, as well as governance strategies. By doing so, we can finally promote a strategy for the revitalization of townships in the vast border areas of China. Thus, the rural revitalization strategy can be promoted in an orderly fashion in the vast border areas of China so as to realize our mission of constructing a stable and strong border area. This will undoubtedly have a positive value.   Key Words:rural revitalization strategy; urbanization; hollowing out; China Vietnam border area; Yunnan Guangxi intersection area
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