The Application of Support Vector Machine in Network Security Evaluation
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  Abstract: Network safety risk assessment of the solution is a key part of network security. Support vector machine method to overcome the defects of the traditional evaluation method (such as neural network method) of the nonlinear and local minimum value. This paper describes the content and index of network safety risk assessment, and puts forward a network safety risk assessment method based on support vector machine. The experimental results show that the method is feasible and effective.
  Key words: Risk Evaluation; Support Vector Machine; Network Security
  1 Introduction
  Along with the development of the computer network technology, network has affected every aspect of our lives, brings to our life great convenience. However, the problem of network security is becoming more and more outstanding. Network security risk evaluation has become the key process to solve in the network security, has become in this field of research hot spot. The task of network safety risk assessment of the risk analysis is loopholes and each network system and information system, and put forward the corresponding measures to control risk to the minimum, to ensure the normal operation of the whole network.
  Have a lot of malicious conditions in network system (such as data leak, the system damage, service interruptions. The reason is a loophole in the network. The network safety risk assessment is a calculation and assesses the risk of network system in order to prevent the emerging threats. The network security risk assessment factors as shown in figure 1 shows, including the threat identification, vulnerability appraisal, assets appraisal.
  The value of the network security risk mainly includes three aspects, that is, the value of assets, threats and vulnerabilities. The network security index of risk assessment is based on the three fields. These indicators of network safety risk assessment as shown in figure 2 shows.
  3.1 Assets
  Assets are to point to have something in the network system of values, such as: operating system, network, network management, id, computer hardware, switch, firewall, and router.
  3.2 Threat
  This threat is a potential damage to the network. There are many factors including the threat of physical environment, the hardware and software fault, malicious code, hacker attacks, operating errors, the information disclosure and falsifying information, threat assessment is through the environment and loss of network system calculation.

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