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  It’s magic time!Come on!I will show you something interesting.
  The bus is crowded(拥挤的). A man wants to get on the bus and shouts*, “Hey, let me get on the bus!”
  “It is too crowded. Who do you think you are?” a woman says angrily(生气地).
  “I am the driver!” says the man.
  (广东 王雪梅 推荐)
  Mum: Why is your little brother crying*?
  Bob: Because I helped him eat his cake.
  Dad: Alice, put some more water in the fish tank.
  Alice:Why? I put some water in it yesterday, but the fish didn’t drink any water!
  Teacher:What kind* of bird do you like best, Jack?
  Jack:Fried(油炸的) chicken.
  Brain Teasers
  1.What has teeth but cannot eat?
  2.Why do lions eat raw(生的) meat?
  3.I am a colourful bridge* in the sky. What am I?
  4.Sometimes(有时) I look like* a boat. Sometimes I am like a small white sun. What am I?
  Send(寄) us more jokes or brain teasers, then you’ll get some points(分数)!
  shout /FaJt/ v. 喊叫
  cry /kraI/ v. 哭
  kind /kaInd/ n. 种类
  bridge /brIdV/ n. 桥
  look like 看起来像……

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