China’s Contribution to the World
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  This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII. China’s enormous sacrifices and significant contributions to the final victory have long been ignored by the West. recently, however, they have featured in discourse among certain conscientious scholars.
  In an interview with the media, director of the dickson Poon university of oxford China Center rana Mitter said that although China was one of the first countries to fight the aggression of the axis powers, its resistance to Japan’s invasion has not been fully acknowledged as one of the great WWII heroic epics. Mitter pointed out that it was time to comprehensively re-examine the long War of the Chinese People’s resistance against Japanese aggression and China’s crucial role in WWII.
  The post-war international order of peace, with the un playing the dominant role, is a result of the victory of the world’s joint forces against fascism. It has been the foundation of the world’s sustained development over the last 70 years. China has played a significant part in this, but its contributions do not stop here.

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