Let the World and China Prosper as One
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  The second largest economy and a permanent member of the un security Council, China is now a major player on the global stage. against the backdrop of periodic turbulence and crises amid a profound adjustment of the world order, the rise of China has polarized international opinion, manifest in the so-called “China threat” and “China collapse” theories.
  China’s deepened exchanges and communication with all nations, developing and developed, over the past year underlines the reality that the country’s development does not threaten the national security of any other. This fact is endorsed by the ideas of peace, development, and win-win cooperation at the core of the diplomatic principle to which China adheres. among them, win-win cooperation is the new concept recently raised by the Chinese government. specifically, it opposes the zero-sum game (or winner dominates all), and instead advocates China’s attitude of openness, inclusiveness, and cooperation towards other countries. after all, the world’s prosperity is not confined to any one nation, but shared by all.

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