The English Movies and the English Learning
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  [Abstract] English learning has always been a big problem to Chinese learners. The learners pay much more attention to the vocabulary and the grammar. Acctually, they can hardly speak English as native speakers and never really understand the English because the real English environment doesn’t exist in our country in which English is only used as a foreign language. Then English movies provide the learners with what they need in English learning.
  [Key words] English learning;English environment;basic skills; English movies
  1. Itroduction
  Communication between different nations and cultures increases dramatically nowdays. As an international language, English is becoming quite popular with the young and is used more and more widely in the daily life. People learn English not only because it is the compulsory course at school but a tool to get more information. But most of the learners find that they can’t express themselves exactly in the real situation after memorizing so many words and sentences. What’s the problem on earth? Let’s take a close look at the present situation of the English learning in China.
  In class, we are told to follow the teacher to read the words again and again without any explanation given. A great amount of grammar is presented, which we don’t really understand. After class, we are assigned to copy the new words till we can write at the teacher’s dictation. We try to learn the grammar by heart and recite the texts. What’s frustrating, we can not make us understood by a native speaker after doing so much hard work. Many of us do a really poor job in applying English to express our ideas and feelings. Because there is no real English environment in which we can communicate with people in English, and we are so limited by the grammar that we dare not speak English.
  The English movies are of much help to us in listening and speaking. We can “watch” English directly from the movies in a vivid way. The English movies show us the plentiful, popular native English. The English movies play an important role in English learning.
  2. English movies can provide a real English environment for English learners.
  Language must be presented and acquired in a real social situation in which the learners are encouraged to learn and apply English. Anyway, English is a tool for communication. If we don’t apply what we obtained from the English class, all we did is just a waste of time. When there is a information gap for the learners, they will use “the tool” actively to get the necessary information.   The good English movies provide plenty vivid materials which can help to improve our ability of listening and speaking. Also, the English movies are the most effective and natural approach to learn the pure English. Firstly, every word and every sentence in movies is carefully chosen by the playwright. The English in movies may be a little different from what we learned in class, and it even doesn’t follow the grammar rules, but it is the real language used by the native speakers in their daily life. Secondly, the movies present the specific background and situation of using English. Sometimes, we are embarrassed when using English improperly because we don’t know when and how to use the right expression. For example, when we want to stop somebody speaking, we might say “close your mouth”. That’s the Chinglish. The movies bring the native speakers right in front of us and we are so absorbed in their stories that we seem like a part of their life and we naturally and effectively aquire the language information such as their pronunciation, their tone, and the use of the idioms. We can even guess what they are talking and what is happening in the movies according to the plot. The last but not the least, people in the movies, coming from different classes and doing different jobs, speak English in different ways which we will never be taught in English class.
  3. English movies help us to understand the different cultures between English and Chinese.
  A language is the reflection of a nation’s politics, economy and culture. The language learning must be combined with the culture learning. We are supposed to get more knowledge about English culture while learning English. On the contrary, much more attention is paid to the language itself and the culture behind the language is completely neglected by Chinese learners.
  The English culture is presented interestingly by the characters’ stories and their daily life in English movies. The movies provide much more information about the food, the custom, the social tradition, the ideas, the values of people from the English-speaking countries. When enjoying the movies, we use the English knowledge unconsciously to follow the stories and attracted deeply by the different culture.
  4. The English movies interest us in English learning.
  There is an old saying: Interest is the best teacher. Interest motive us to learn. In fact, most of the school students don’t like English at all because of the boring teaching method. They work hard only for the examination not for communication.

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