The Talking Clock
作者 :  蔡新发

  This battle, if I may pronounce it as such, started almost two years ago when my daughter insisted that I should buy her a talking clock. So as a good father who 1 to teach her time, I went to the shop and 2 this talking digital clock.
  The temperature on the clock was 3 in degrees Fahrenheit, so I tried to 4 the clock again. No matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t 5 to change it into degrees Celsius. I had a couple of other digital clocks in which there was a separate button for display change of 6 . But this function seemed to be critically 7 here. I went on to open a few screws(螺丝) but again 8 .
  The thing with the digital clock is that when you 9 the battery in it, it displays all the fields. But 10 it had the important degrees Celsius sign on it as well. 11 moved on. Every day I will see the clock and think 12 we could change the display of the temperature.
  Fast forward to 9:30 a.m. this morning. I just picked up the clock again. It 13 to me that every time I pressed the “mode” button, there was a corresponding(一致的) action. 14 this time I went very slowly one by one. There it was! I had 15 the battle. It now proudly displays the temperature in degrees Celsius. I was so 16 that I even took a picture.
  What this small 17 taught me was that I knew what I wanted was always right in front of me and all it 18 was the right frame of mind to solve it. That’s what life has in 19 for all of us. If you know it is achievable and it is a matter of the right 20 , victory is just a matter of time.
  1. A。根据前面的a good father这一个信息可知,“我”打算教女儿时间,intend to do,“打算做某事”。
  2. C。根据语境可知,“我”去商店购买了这个电子报时钟,pick up,“购买”;pick out,“识别,辨别”;put aside,“把……搁在一边”;give away,“馈赠,赠送”。
  3. B。根据后面的degrees Fahrenheit和degrees Celsius可知,“我”买的钟温度是用华氏度数显示的,因此“我”想把它改成摄氏度数。
  4. A。根据上题的解释可知,此空填set,该词表示“设置,调整”;fix,“安装;固定”。
  5. D。根据第四段的It now proudly displays the temperature in degrees Celsius这一句话可知,“我”无论怎么尝试,都无法把华氏度数改成摄氏度数。be able to,“能够,能”。
  6. B。根据上文The temperature on the clock was 3 in degrees Fahrenheit这一句话可知,此空填temperature。
  7. A。根据上文可知,“我”无法调整温度的显示,因此“我”认为钟已经丧失了这个功能。
  8. C。“我”打开一些螺丝,但还是没用。in total,“总共,总计”;in surprise,“惊奇,惊讶”;in vain,“徒劳,白费力气”;in advance,“提前”。
  9. D。这钟的问题在于当上好电池后,所有信息都显示出来了,put... in,“把……放进……”。
  10. B。根据上文的it displays all the fields和下文的it had the important degrees Celsius sign on it as well可知,这个钟本身有摄氏度数的设置。actually,“实际上,事实上”。

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