China to Pull Back Foreign Movies for Domestic Ones
作者 :  Sue

  Domestic movie industry will get better development under government protection.
  Officials want to ensure that any foreign imports do not dominate the market and smother(抑制) local film producers. At the moment, domestic movies are still protected from being drowned out by Hollywood films. But if US companies ever become allowed to release a film whenever they want, then domestic movies will lose their biggest umbrella.
  In addition, to some extent, the craze(狂热) for US blockbusters leads to a bias against domestic movies. No matter how boring a US movie sounds, many people will watch it because it’s foreign. However, many domestic movies, though having good contents, are not welcomed.
  Therefore, the number of foreign films permitted to be shown in the country should be limited, and also the amount of time each of those films can be shown needs to be regulated.
  The government makes these decisions without consideration for the market and the desires of the audience, bringing more harm than good to domestic movie industry.
  Liu Chang, a 25?year?old marketing coordinator, said protecting the domestic film industry would not make Chinese films more popular. “It is obvious that Chinese movies are not as good as those blockbusters,” she said as she waited for an afternoon to watch Avatar in Beijing. “We have to admit this.”
  Many movie insiders(圈内人) believe the presence of more Hollywood blockbusters will motivate the domestic movie industry to become more competitive. As the Chinese movie market opens to the US, films that are of lower quality will be weeded out, and productions with higher standards will gain the recognition they deserve.
  In conclusion, foreign movies should be welcomed to ensure a more open and competitive environment for Chinese movie industry to grow.

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