Part 3 Across the Pond
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  Heather: Hey, what were you watching just now? Sounded violent.
  Ted: It is, sometimes. That was Sherlock, that new British 1)series.
  Heather: A detective drama? I thought you didn’t like serious TV! Something about “TV should be an escape” or something like that.
  Ted: But it is! I’ve never seen anything like this show. It’s got everything: drama, action, mystery, even some comedy. It’s the 2)all-in-one show!
  Heather: Isn’t it British? I thought all British dramas were 3)dismal affairs.
  Ted: I did, too. But I guess that’s an old 4)stereotype. This show is seriously fun TV.
  Heather: I’ll add it to my list, then. But I’m still not completely convinced.
  Ted: Well, it shouldn’t be hard to convince you. You like good storytelling, right?
  Heather: I take a solid plot over 30 minutes of cheap 5)punch lines any day.
  Ted: Then you’d probably love some British shows. They don’t even have commercial breaks, so you can watch a whole episode from start to finish without any interruptions!
  Heather: ①Well, there’s an idea. I hate it when a good story is interrupted just so some annoying loudmouth can brainwash me into buying his stuff.
  Ted: British people used to look down on American shows. They saw American TV as 6)shallow and cheap. I wonder if the commercials had anything to do with that?
  Heather: Probably. But you know, American TV hasn’t always been as 7)stellar as it is now. It used to be, as the British would say, rubbish.
  Ted: ②So maybe the Brits were right on the money.
  Heather: ③More than likely. But times have changed.④Now American TV is turning heads around the world, and British TV has a reputation for being dull.
  Ted: Maybe that’s because nobody else gets British humor.
  Heather: Maybe. But if Sherlock is as good as you say it is, maybe there’s some new life in British TV!
  Ted: There certainly is! The writing is good, the story is fun, and the casting is perfect. The actors really fit the characters!
  Heather: That’s always a plus.
  Ted: Maybe I thought I didn’t like drama because I was only checking out American stuff. From now on,⑤I’ll look across the pond for my TV.
  Heather: ⑥Whatever floats your boat. Now, move over! It’s almost time for Gossip Girl.
  Ted: Oh, brother. Now I can see what the Brits were talking about.   Heather: What’s that supposed to mean?!?
  Ted: Nothing! Nothing at all.
   Smart Sentences
  ① Well, there’s an idea. 嗯,这是个好主意。
  There’s an idea: used to express favorable opinions towards sth.(用以表示对某事的赞许之意)。例如:
  —It will be a nice day tomorrow so maybe you can have a walk in the morning and we’ll play tennis in the afternoon.
  —Mm, there’s an idea.
  ② So maybe the Brits were right on the money. 所以也许英国人说的是对的。
  on the money: be correct or true(正确,说对)。例如:
  What you said about Obama was on the money again.
  ③ More than likely. 应该会
  more than likely: used to express agreement to other’s opinions, an affirmative reply(用以表达对他人看法的赞同,肯定的答复)。例如:
  —Do you think it will rain tomorrow?
  —More than likely.
  ④ Now American TV is turning heads around the world, and British TV has a reputation for being dull. 现在美剧已经闻名于世,但是英剧却久负“沉闷”的盛名。
  have a reputation for sth.: being known for sth.(以……闻名)。例如:
  The Jackson brothers had a reputation for being greedy.
  ⑤ I’ll look across the pond for my TV. 我要找英国电视剧来看。
  across the pond: the other side of the North Atlantic Ocean, usu. used by Americans(北大西洋的另一面,多为美国人用语)。例如:
  I usually have high opinions of movies from across the pond.
  ⑥ Whatever floats your boat. 你喜欢怎样就怎样。
  float sb.’s boat: to be what sb. likes or sb. is interested in(正对某人胃口)。例如:
  Action movies don’t really float my boat, but my roommates like them.

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