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  Mary:Hey,Tom,aren?蒺t you coming out to play?
  Tom:No,I have to stay in and help my father with my homework.
  Mother:We should never defer(推迟) until tomorrow what we can do today,should we?
  Daughter:Then,Mother,we had better eat the rest of the pie today,hadn?蒺t we?
  Father:Sonny,did you pick up my suit from the tailor(裁缝)?
  Son:He refused to give it to me without the money,Pop.
  Father:Didn?蒺t you tell him I thought you were too young to carry money?
  Son:Yeah,but he said he?蒺ll keep the suit until I get bigger.
  Mum:There?蒺re two apples in the fridge(冰箱). You can take one of them.
  Mum:Which apple will you eat?
  Son:I?蒺ll eat the small one.
  Mum:Good boy. Who will have the big one?
  Son:I?蒺ve eaten it.
  Tom:We?蒺ll have some visitors tomorrow?
  Bob:How do you know?
  Tom:The headmaster has come to see us clean the classroom.
  Mother:Tom,John is a bad boy. Don?蒺t play with him.
  Tom:Well,am I a good boy?
  Mother:Certainly you are.
  Tom:Can John play with me?
  Dad:Well done,Jack!The window panes(玻璃) are so clean. Did you use soap and water as I had told you?
  Jack:No,dad. I used a hammer.
  Mother:Tom,your handwriting is really so bad that I can?蒺t read it at all.
  Tom:That?蒺s great!If you can?蒺t read it,my teacher can?蒺t,either. And then she won?蒺t find out how bad my spelling is!
  Daughter:Water must be very expensive,dad.
  Dad:Why do you think so?
  Daughter:I spattered(洒) some water over the carpet(地毯) this morning,and Mum was very angry.
  Teacher:When did you get up in the summer holiday?
  Boy:I got up when the first ray of the sun pierces(射入) through my window.
  Teacher:Wasn?蒺t it too early?
  Boy:Oh,my window faces west.
  Jack:Tom?蒺s wife thought she was too fat and she rode a horse every day for a month.
  Fred:So she got thinner a month later?
  Jack:No,not she,but the horse lost 40 Kg.
  Wife:You look so tired!
  Husband:Our plane had motor trouble,so we passengers all got out and pushed.

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