A Study on English Vocabulary Learning Strategies of Primary School Students
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  Abstract:A language is made up of pronunciation,vocabulary and grammar.Vocabulary is the core of language learning and the basic building material of a language.Without words,no matter how well one learns grammar and pronunciation,he is unable to express his feelings,viewpoints and ideas.This study will provide some parts of the vocabulary learning strategies.And give some suggestions for teachers about how to use vocabulary learning strategies.
  Key words:vocabulary;English;primary school
  It is universally acknowledged that the mastery of vocabulary is a fundamental component in learning English.And lack of sufficient vocabulary will ultimately affect people’s understanding and communication of the language.However,vocabulary is also considered to be the most difficult part language for a learner to grasp.Thus to develop a large vocabulary quickly and efficiently so as to acquire proficiency in English becomes the first concern of every EFL learner.Learning strategies play significant roles in the acquisition of a language.“Strategies are tools for active,self-directed involvement and those learners who have developed appropriate learning strategies have greater self-confidence and learn more effectively”(Oxford,1990,p.28).The study of vocabulary learning strategies,part of learning strategies,specifies on how to learn vocabulary.
  2.Vocabulary Learning Strategies
  2.1 The Definitions of Vocabulary Learning Strategies
  Hatch(2001)defines vocabulary as the term vocabulary refers to a list or set of words for a particular language or a list or a set of words that individual speakers of a language might use.In short,vocabulary learning strategies refer to approaches,techniques,specific actions and behaviors and learner employ the learning strategies to facilitate their vocabulary learning both consciously and unconsciously.
  2.2 Suggestions for Teachers to Improve Vocabulary Learning Strategies
  2.2.1 Understanding and Accepting Gender Differences
  In the process of EFL learning,gender differences in language learning styles exist objectively.Not only teachers but also students themselves should have a correct understanding of the phenomenon.Teachers should respect and accept that and find out in which aspects there are difference.Teachers should also try reminding students of the gender factors in their language learning process,providing some learning style knowledge and measurement like Style Analysis Survey to help students to be clear about their own learning styles and gender differences.   2.2.2 Using Visual Aids
  Many teachers during their years of teaching build up a library of pictures;these may include wall charts,commercially-produced flashcards,home-made magazine picture flashcards,hand-drawn pictures,and of course illustrations from course books and supplementary books.These aids can be used for presentation,practice,revision and testing.
  2.2.3 Using Speaking Activities
  Firstly,teachers can use role play.In this activity,teachers can teach students some new words in one situation.Then make students take these words to organize a role play.Secondly,narrative is also useful.Teachers select a group of items you wish to practice or revise and draw them on small pieces of card.Divide the class into small groups,and give each group six card.Make sure they do not show their pictures to the other groups.Each group must then construct a narrative that will include all the items they have been given.
  3.The Good Language Learner
  Good language learners treat language as a system by making effective crosslingual comparisons,analyzing the target language and using reference book.Their strategies may be their learning habits formed in common life.Good language learners can copy effectively with the emotional and motivational problems of language learning.Classroom learning as well as immersion in the target language environment each entails specific affective problems.
  Most of foreign language learners agree that vocabulary plays a very important role in language learning and one of the most headaches in language learning is memorizing the vocabulary of the language.The main benefit gained from vocabulary learning strategies is the fact that they enable learners to take more control of their own learning so that students can take more responsibility for their studies.Strategies themselves are not inherently good or bad,but have the potential to be used effectively(Cohen,1998).Vocabulary learning strategies are so important in primary school language learning that they are really worthy of the language teachers’ and language learners’ attention.
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