作者 :  金玉

  One day,a rich man and his son went out for a walk. On their way, the rich man felt very uncomfortable and found he had put on a pair of odd shoes, one with a thick sole and the other with a thin sole. Then he told his son to go back and fetch another pair of shoes.
  However, when the son went back to the house, all he could find was just another pair of odd shoes. Taking the shoes to his father, the son said:“It can't be helped! They are also odd.”
  So the rich man had to wear the original ones while walking.
  One morning a man came to the bank of a river and began fishing.
  After a few minutes, he put his line in and got a big fish. Then he immediately threw it back to the river. He put his line in again. After a while he caught another big fat fish. And again he threw it back to the river. The third time he caught a rather small fish and put it quickly into his basket. When he was ready to leave, someone asked him why he threw big fish into the water and kept only the small one.“There is nothing wrong,”he said.“I have just a small frying pan.”
  Once upon a time a patient went for a doctor and the doctor promised that he would certainly cure him. The patient thus spent a lot of money on the treatment, but day by day his illness got worse and finally he died.
  The patient's family hated the doctor very much, so one of them went to curse the doctor. After a while, he returned and looked upset. Everybody asked him whether he had cursed the doctor or not. He told them that so many people there cursing at the gate of the doctor's house that he could hardly take his turn.
  Once a man wanted to borrow a cow from his neighbour, who was the most wealthy landlord in that area. So he had his little boy send a note to the rich man. At that time, the landlord was talking with some guests. He took the note and his face turned red, because he didn't know any words at all. However, to keep his face, he pretended to be able to read it. When reading it, he nodded his head repeatedly. Finally the landlord said to his neighbour's son,“I know, I know. I'll go myself at once.”
  One day a boy, watching his sheep on the eage of a village, thought it would be fun to shout“Wolf!Wolf!” when there was no wolf. He did it and people came running as he supposed they would.
  The boy thought this was rather funny that he tried the trick several days later. But the same persons who were fooled before were angry, and they told all the rest about the trick. All of them decided never to go
  again if the lad called “Wolf”.
  But after several more days a wolf really came towards the flock of the sheep.Then the lad shouted“Wolf, wolf,wolf!”loud and long. Nobody came and the wolf carried off one of the sheep.
  Notes:odd 不成对的;sole鞋底;original原先的;curse咒骂;landlord地主

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