There are’t any crocodiles in the pond
作者 :  王道庚

  liu Hua's father contraeted a pond (承包了一个池塘) The pond was verybig. There were many flowers around it. There were some trees behind the flow-ers. It was a very beautiful place to travel.
   There were many different fishes in the pond. Liu Hua's father fed them ev-ery day and they could swim freely in the water. The place was very quiet, Thefishes came out at times.
   One day, some young men from the city- found the place. And they began tohave swimming in the pond. l,iu Hua's father adviced them. But they didn't listento him. He had to write two words on a big sign (牌子): No Swimming. The nextSunday some other young men came and had swimming in the pond, too, Hecould not stop them swimming in the pond. He was very angry. People swimmingin the pond were not good for the fishes to grow. He worried about his fishes.
   One Sunday morning Liu Hua told his father he could stop the people swim-ming in the pond. He told his father not to go to the pond and he could stay thereby himself.
   When Liu Hua was playing, three young men came to the pond.
   "What a nice place it is!" one of them shouted. Then he saw Liu Hua andbe came over to him.
   "Little brother, can we have a swim in the pond?" asked the young man.
   "Certainly." answered Liu Hua.
   "Do people living here like swimming?" asked the young man again.
  "They like it very much." answered Liu Hua quickly.
   "Why don't they swim in the pond?" said the young man. "It's too hot to-day." He took off his shirt while he talked with Liu Hua. "By the way,
  arethere any crocodiles (鳄鱼) in the pond?"
   "No, there aren't any crocodiles in the pond because the sharks (鲨鱼) inthe water are too ferocious (凶猛) "
   The three young men put on their clothes and ran away from the pond asquickly as they could.

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