作者 :  万 柯

  “Today my heart beat 103000 times. My blood traveled 168000 miles. I breathed 23000 times. I inhaled 438 cubic feet of air. I spoke 4830 words. I moved 750 major muscles. I used 7000000 brain cells.”
   “No wonder you’re so tired.”
  (注:inhale 吸入;cubic feet 立方英尺;major,较大的,较多的,主要的;muscle肌肉;brain cell 脑细胞;no wonder 难怪)
  An old lady from the country visited her rich city grandson. He took her to his fiftieth-storey flat and showed her around.“Well, Granny,”he asked,“What do you think of it?”
  “Never have to worry about floods,”said the old lady.
  (注:flat 楼层,套房;show sb. around 领某人参观;floods 洪水)
  “Where do you bathe, little girl?”
  “In the spring.”
  “I didn’t ask when――I said where.”
  (注:spring ①春天,②泉水)
  A little boy was running in the park and lost his mother. After a while, he met a policeman and asked:“Excuse me,but did you happen to see a lady without a boy like me?”
  A man took his son to a restaurant, and both ordered steak.
  The boy heard his father say to the waiter,“Well done.”“Why are you praising the waiter?”he asked.“He hasn’t even brought the steaks yet.”
  (注:steak 牛排;well done①干得好;②煮透些,烧烂些)

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